Sunday, January 5, 2014

Answering The Call

A call for prayer came to me this morning, from my Spiritual Sister, Catherine.

The prayer was for her friend Kelly; whose cancer had resurfaced with a vengeance.

In response
To Kelly;

I have asked for God’s guidance before responding to this call. 

Today, I found myself turning to my husband for two reasons.  

I will start with the first reason. I have not personally experienced what you are going through.  He has. Back in his younger years he has twice faced death and both times he has come out with life. In one case he was badly burned and endured months of excruciating pain; on another occasion he was on an experimental drug program with one other person...he lived....she died.  

I asked him for insights he had during those times.

Not a man of many words....which will be a relief to my regular readers

His words were.....”.I had an inner knowing”.

I asked him if he struggled.....he replied....”no, I just knew I had to walk through it” 

The second reason is I want to share with you a story of healing that is happening to my husband now.

For the past 8 years my husband has wrestled with his diabetes it has been a continuous downhill slope. His visions were not of vitality and life.

This summer hit a debilitating low.

Without his knowing.....as he pooh poohs prayer....and I did not want him interfering with a “life giving” prayer..... my councillor who is also  a Science of Mind practitioner wrote out a prayer and I joined with her in putting it out to the universe.

I well know the power of prayer but I am warmed each time I see it happening.

Less than 6 months has gone by.....I have seen huge changes and advances forward.

Today I asked him if he felt his diabetes was getting better.....his response....”Definitely!!”....”I haven’t felt this good in 20 years”.  

I couldn’t help smiling. He asked....”what”?

I felt led to share with him about the prayer......

I felt led to share this story and have asked and received his permission to do so.  

Now for my prayer for you, Kelly

In the early evening....as I pondered prayer I kept hearing two messages over and over....All Is Well....Keep It Simple, Shirley.

At 8:00 pm Sunday night I joined others .....I lit a candle for you Kelly.

My simple prayer.....




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